JD Republic Fitness Gym – Mura na sa Mura

JD Republic Fitness Gym – Mura na sa Mura

Photo Courtesy of : JD Republic Fitness Gym No Pain, No Gain. Train Like A Beast. No exercise is shortcut. I was then 141 lbs. in my 4’10” height, and considered myself as Obese. and my friend started me to encourage to do workout. I started 2014 and after 1 and 1/2 years, I achieved … Read More

I’m back!!!

Sorry for not updating for almost 10 months! I have lots of stresses since last year after my father died. It’s like everything happened for a reason. There are a lot of stuff like my mom has her operation, budgeting issues and we also renovate our house. Work load has also increased and I have … Read More

Handwriting? Hand Lettering? Calligraphy?

Just an illustrate what’s the difference of Hand lettering and Calligraphy and Handwriting. Obviously, handwriting is how you write your letters NORMALLY by your own hand like my featured image above.  Those are my handwriting that I use daily. So my handwriting is normally script/cursive style but I can do print handwriting as well.